Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 Things Your Mom Didn't Teach You About Becoming a Confident Woman

Things Your Mom Didn't Teach You About Becoming a Confident Woman

Wouldn't it have been great to grow up knowing you are wonderful and powerful and can be or do or have anything you want?

It took me years of self-assessment, deep inner personal work and reflection to figure these things out for myself.

Don't let it take you years... take my word for it instead. These 3 Things Your Mom Didn't Teach You About Becoming a Confident Woman will go a long way towards your expanding self esteem development and your abundance of life.

Did your Mom tell you?

1. Accept your body, love it, treat it with respect

  • You are a living legacy to your ancestors. Your Aunt Elizabeth's dimples, your Great Grandmas thick curly hair, your Mom's beautiful eyes. Respect that. Be proud of who you are and what you have been given as a body/temple.
  • Your wellness and physical health will follow naturally when you cultivate an attitude of body/self respect. Your nutrition, activity and lifestyle choices are indicators of your level of self-respect.

2. Your thoughts/opinions have value, share them with the world

  • Many of us were told that children were to be seen and not heard, that is ok to a point; but someone needed to get around to asking for our thoughts, encouraging our critical thinking skills and congratulating us on our unique opinions.
  • You are unique and unrepeatable. No one else in the whole world can assimilate information exactly the way you can. Your opinions do matter, the universe will benefit when you share the best of yourself. Have courage, share who you are.

3. Dream big and spend lots of time talking about it

  • The Law of Attraction states that you get what you focus on whether you want it or not. If you are focused on problems, complaints, lack, you will attract more of that.... it follows that if you focus on your dreams and what makes you happy you will attract more of that.
  • Talking about issues whether positive or negative is an invitation to the universe to send more of the same. Be careful what you are talking about. Stop complaining about anything and start fantasizing about your dreams.

You can spot a confident woman just by the way she walks into a room. She exudes personal power and self-respect.

  • Whether she is 'pretty' or not is irrelevant, she knows she is a beautiful woman because all women are beautiful when they affirm they are.
  • She is proud of her ancestry, she represents all those who walked before her.
  • She knows what she knows and has the courage to stand up and be counted for what she believes in.
  • She radiates self-assurance. People are attracted to this woman.

This woman can be and should be you. Don't let it take you years to claim and own your power. Start today to share the gift of who you are with the world.

Unleash the power within. Become the woman you were created to be.